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Capricorn Photography has been servicing schools and sports clubs in Queensland since 1991. Most of our schools we have photographed for decades because they love our personal service and quick responses. We offer first class quality that can only be produced by a seasoned, tightly knit team with well maintained, professional grade equipment.

Take the safe option and choose a business that will make you look good!

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Our Process

  • 1.

    Your School/Sporting Club provides a list of students/players.

  • 2.

    We create a login username for each of your students/players.

  • 3.

    Your students/players pay online and order a photo package.

  • 4.

    We print the requested photo package.

  • 5.

    We deliver your photo package to your School/Sporting Club.

Simply register online your school or your sporting club, avoiding endless paper forms. Save time, making the ordering process smooth and efficient.

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Capricorn Photography can photograph up to 200 subjects in one traditional, formal photo – and quickly. Although our bread and butter is class sized groups, perfectly positioned and balanced with glowing, radiant smiles.

Capricorn Photography is all about showing off your students and the uniforms in the best light.


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Sporting Clubs

Need a photographer who can get it right AND take great photos? Accuracy is our middle name! Our systems allow team managers to check players’ names’ spelling and correct it. Corrections can then be supplied back to your club in time for trophy orders.

Plus Capricorn Photography gets the job done fast! We can do perfectly positioned team photos in less than 5 minutes per team.

Want some fundraising ideas? Capricorn Photography has add-on products that your parents will actually want and the players will love!

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Talk to us about who we believe provides the best service and photos for your formal or graduation. While we do not do formals or graduations ourselves we are well networked within the event photography industry and can advise you on who to choose and who to be wary of.

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Capricorn Photography takes capturing little smiles seriously, very seriously!

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