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Since 1991 Capricorn Photography has prided itself on giving that small business customer service and producing beautiful photos and prints. We photograph schools, sports clubs and kindergarten all around South-East Queensland, including some of Brisbane’s most prestigious schools and colleges.

We feel there continually so much scope for innovation. Today’s standard class photo may not look much different from those taken 50 or even 100 years ago but the way we present and ultimately deliver them is constantly evolving. Capricorn Photography enjoys being at the forefront of that evolution.

It pains us that other companies refer to what they do as “meatball” photography. They have mistakenly decided
that since school photos are a fraction of the cost of studio photos they only need to provide a fraction of the quality. And so inexperienced photographers are contracted, substandard photographic equipment is used,
cheap photo paper is printed on, poor or no colour management is used and so on.

You should be getting more! We give your families photos that they would pay hundreds for through a normal photographic studio. There is no need to compromise.


To achieve this we only use and employ:


Professional photographers

Their wage is twice that of the average school photographer but they are well worth it and you will agree. In fact, school staff frequently tell us they love how we photograph them. This is all because we only hire professional career photographers who are already familiar with family and corporate portraits, and they know how to make you look good. They all run their own businesses in wedding, commercial, architecture, food, portraiture and various other forms of photography. Their many years of industry experience also means we can adapt to any
setting or any request from you, and are not restricted to guidelines in a handbook. It means we can look at any photo or setting and decide how to make it look as professional as possible.

Professional equipment

From the cameras to the lenses and lighting, the equipment we use is the same as that you would find in an exclusive photographic studio where you would pay hundreds of dollars for a single photo.


You also deserve excellent service:



With more than two decades of experience in dealing with the various challenges in school photography, you can rest assured that we will have the solutions for you and handle problems before you ever know about them.

Smoothly run Photo Days

Most of what we do is designed to relieve staff of the burden (and dread) that schools may feel about photo day! Naming class photos is quick and easy with our new numbering system. Also, envelopes can come directly to us
on photo day, so staff do not need to handle any money. We can come back after photo day also to pick up late orders, and if they still haven’t got their orders in, they can send them directly to us.

Creating a fun atmosphere to get great photos while keeping a level of professionalism takes great charisma. We
are able to keep this atmosphere because we love what we do. Our team have enjoyed working with each other and students for years. As the guests in your school we feel it is about building a mutual respect between students and ourselves.

True continuity of care

The staff you will see on photo day will be the same staff you talk to the in the office. Furthermore, we understand that school photos are only one of many ongoing activities in your school so we understand how important it is to give you prompt responses and relieve as much of the burden from you as possible.


How we keep your parents happy:


Fantastic photos to begin with

Each year we photograph a new school, sales rise at least 10%. That speaks for itself.

Late orders

Missed the cutoff? No problem, we have two week turn around on late orders!

Offer new photo

Not happy? Maybe we chose the wrong one, we will email proofs of other photos taken on the day.

Refund money

Still not happy? We are very sorry, we will cheerfully refund their money

Retake photo

But I don’t want to miss out? No problems, come out to our office studio and we can take another.

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